45 Interesting & Researchable Music Topics for Essays

Writing about music can be interesting. Besides the plethora of research topics in music, many music essays allow you to express your opinion, therefore, allowing you an easier time to structure your arguments.

Unfortunately, the variety of music topics for essays can prove a problem as it complicates your selection of a particular topic for an essay. This article will thus highlight some tips for choosing a topic for your music essay and offer you some topic ideas to inspire your topic selection.

How to choose a topic in music?

The methods for selecting a musical topic are listed below.

  1. Choose a wide subject that sparks your interest

Begin organizing your music essay by selecting a meaningful, all-encompassing topic that piques your interest. This will assist you in overcoming any external pressures and will act as the first step in narrowing down your topic.

  1. Read widely on the subject

Then, look over a range of research articles to find the knowledge gaps you think require more research. This procedure helps you learn more about the issue and becomes more familiar with the research gaps, providing you a broader perspective to approach the paper.

  1. Narrow your topic to a specific niche

Concentrate on a single research question after selecting a topic. This will remove any uncertainty from your study and assist you in maintaining the objectivity of your analysis. Before moving on to the next stage, make sure your chosen topic has a distinct purpose and specifies the context, audience, and research methodology of your study.

Topics in music

Argumentative essay topics about music

  1. The emergence of Southern Rock in America
  2. Is metal music linked to violent behavior?
  3. Does music help to bridge cultural divides?
  4. What impressions do today’s college students have of classical composers?
  5. Is music being ruined by social media?
  6. Should aid be provided to students starting a college band?

Controversial topics in music

  1. The challenges of receiving credit for songwriting
  2. Has the quality of music has improved since the 1990s?
  3. Should everyone be able to download and use music for free?
  4. Should songwriters get paid more in the music business?
  5. Does the sale of digital music affect musicians’ earnings?
  6. The impact of music talent shows on a musician’s career
  7. How unauthorized downloads are altering the music business?

Informative speech topics about music

  1. The functions of music in our society, including its ability to promote relaxation and creativity
  2. How to market your music in your community?
  3. History of The Beetle and their impact on the music industry
  4. The various ways we listen to music nowadays
  5. The contemporary meaning and understanding of artistic expression
  6. The elegance of reggae music

Interesting music topics

  1. Should radio stations forbid artists who sing angry and harsh lyrics?
  2. Online music lessons are ineffective at enhancing a singer’s vocal range
  3. What benefits can music-making have for one’s mental health?
  4. Can learning a musical instrument improve one’s ability to write?
  5. The incorporation of music education into primary school curricula
  6. Describe how modern music composers employ sound editing and sound mixing techniques
  7. How open-minded are teenagers to the social and political messages contained in music?

Music research topics high school

  1. Study how music evolved from folklore to what it is today
  2. How has pop culture impacted music in any chosen country?
  3. Why do you think Bollywood movies’ music is infused with Indian culture?
  4. How the Roman Catholic Church influenced medieval European music?
  5. Explain the significance of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony to listeners of all ages
  6. Discuss ways in which music has been utilized to spread propaganda during times of conflict or political unrest

Persuasive speech topics about music

  1. Has the function of record labels been replaced?
  2. The application of classical music in the instruction of autistic kids
  3. Do people develop music addictions?
  4. Does music promote harmony?
  5. Does a person’s musical preferences reveal anything about their character?
  6. Should doctors and therapists use music to help their patients recover more quickly?

Topics about music for an essay

  1. The impact of contemporary technology on the music business
  2. Should a musician’s personal life influence how others view their music?
  3. How can one become well-known as a musician without wealth or connections?
  4. Is it reasonable for some nations to forbid performing by artists?
  5. A person’s mood might be made worse by depressing and melancholy music
  6. Plagiarism and borrowing in modern music
  7. What role does music play in video games?

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