40 Philosophy Writing Prompts for Your Essays

Writing an essay on philosophy can be a daunting task. Besides the challenge of selecting a topic, this task presents you with the arduous task of researching and writing to express your thoughts clearly. This article will highlight some tips for writing a philosophy essay and share some topics in philosophy to inspire your topic selection. 

What is a philosophy essay?

A philosophy essay is a paper written to analyze various philosophical concepts a student has encountered in the course of their study. These essays often allow the writer to express their opinions and offer you more creative freedom as opposed to science papers which strictly dictate that all your claims be backed by a credible reference. 

How to write a philosophy essay

Some of the steps that we suggest for writing a philosophy paper include:

  1. Select a topic that piques your interest

Ideally, select a philosophy topic that you find meaningful. This will offer you the motivation to go the extra mile and provide a unique perspective toward a particular subject under study. Also, steer clear from overly complex topics as they can complicate your writing, causing you a ton of stress in the latter writing stages. 

  1. Research your topic

Although a philosophy essay is largely built on your opinions, you must read existing papers to broaden your perspective from which you can address your topic. This will help you address a wider range of arguments, making an interesting essay with a logical analysis of the topic. 

  1. Prepare an outline

After research, develop a plan for your arguments to ensure a smooth flow of ideas in your paper. Without the outline, you could sway from one idea to another, reducing the effectiveness of your arguments. 

After preparing an outline, draft your first paper and conduct thorough editing to ensure adherence to various requirements provided by your tutor. 

Philosophy essay ideas

Ancient Greek philosophy essay topics

  1. The function of mythology in ancient Greece 
  2. The golden era of ancient Greece: Fate as a subject 
  3. Ancient, Roman, and Greek periods of pain
  4. Greece’s philosophical tradition
  5. Religion’s role in ancient Greek society 
  6. What function did Socrates serve in ancient Greece? 

Easy philosophy essay topics

  1. Describe why people’s lives depend so heavily on success
  2. Assess the effectiveness of democracy as a form of government
  3. Describe the function of religion in contemporary society
  4. Consider whether or if animals and people should share the same rights
  5. Describe the unique and important characteristics of morality
  6. List the key components of empiricism

Good philosophy essay topics

  1. What are the fundamental ideas of existentialism? 
  2. Define death and its purpose
  3. Highlight Karl Marx’s ideas of class, labor, and capital
  4. Discuss the issue of free will from a theological perspective
  5. Discuss the philosophy-based idea of moral intention
  6. What moral impact do movies and video games have?
  7. Discuss the notion of a life beyond death

Interesting philosophy topics for essay

  1. Are you less content if you’re smarter? 
  2. Pre-Socratic perspective on perception and knowledge
  3. What philosophical effects did the Sturm und Drang movement have? 
  4. Does order always win out over chaos? 
  5. Is it possible to make flawless laws? 
  6. Can happiness be quantified scientifically? 
  7. Is evil an essential component of life? 

Philosophy argumentative essay topics

  1. Essay analysis on moral relativism 
  2. Even if it meant you could never be happy, would you marry for money? 
  3. Do people have good and bad traits by nature? 
  4. Do we need the support of our families to be happy? 
  5. Does happiness depend on living a moral life? 
  6. How are a person’s life and ideas shaped by society? 
  7. Is it possible to live in a world without rules or laws? 

Political philosophy essay topics

  1. Is democracy a successful form of governance? 
  2. The part terrorism plays in politics 
  3. Which is better for the world: nationalism or globalization? 
  4. Why do many individuals feel politics are immoral throughout the world? 
  5. Can we truly defeat corruption? 
  6. Which legislation would you add to your nation’s laws if you had the chance? 
  7. Are protests and strikes effective ways to affect how the government works?

Final take

Philosophy essay writing doesn’t have to be a headache-inducing ordeal. We hope that the advice provided in this post has assisted you in overcoming any obstacles you may have encountered when trying to write. Please feel free to enlist the help of our knowledgeable team for writing assistance so that you can conquer common essay-writing obstacles and accomplish the numerous academic objectives you had set for yourself.

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