General Rules for Essay Writing: 11 Things to Remember

If randomly asked: what is the number one essay writing rule? Many students will probably rush to suggest writing a paper that is free of plagiarism. Unfortunately, many students consider essay writing as torture considering the intricate research and detailed writing required.

This article will take you through the appropriate essay writing structure to enable you to maneuver various academic challenges easily when composing your essay.

  1. Understand the topic

Students struggle greatly when writing essays since they don’t understand the aim of the topic offered by the tutor before starting. A careful student will ask the instructor whether they have accurately represented the subject. After familiarizing yourself with the deliverables of the assignment, you can easily cruise through various stages of writing your assignment.

  1. Research extensively

A generalized understanding of a subject is insufficient to support effective essay writing as it limits you from making detailed arguments. Before writing an essay, conduct extensive research from various sources to equip and sharpen your knowledge about your essay.

Use resources such as books, journals, periodicals, articles, and websites when performing your research. In your research take key note on the different types of essay formats to sort the information you encounter into relevant sections.

  1. Create a timeline

Time is of the essence when it comes to academic writing. Considering the limited time allotted to students, it is crucial to manage your time optimally, ensuring that you attend to all the assignments at your disposal. A schedule helps ensure that you don’t put your tasks off for a later date, ensuring that you address each phase of your writing in detail.

  1. Take your time and write a draft

Students face a challenge on how to start writing an essay due to a poor grasp of the arguments they intend to complete. Therefore, it is advisable to formulate a draft that will guide you in gathering enough content for essay writing. Remember to adhere to all the rules for essay writing as you work on your draft to reduce the challenge in the editing phase.  

  1. Write an interesting Introduction

Among various parts of an essay, the introduction has the biggest impact on a reader. The caliber of an essay’s introduction will accurately reflect what to expect in the essay’s body and should thus pique your reader’s interest to read through your paper.

  1. Organize your points

An outline is a crucial tool in organizing your ideas for a smooth flow of arguments. Make sure your points are coordinated in line with the instructions provided from the most to the least effective point.

  1. Avoid exaggeration

Many writers go wrong in an attempt to decorate or lengthen their essay. Point exaggeration leads to loss of taste which makes the reader lose interest in your essay. Keep your sentences short and precise as clear sentences engage and excite the reader to know more about your essay.

  1. Be original

The use of complex and ambiguous language to appease your teachers will lead to a misinterpretation of the intended meaning. We strongly advise students to be natural when writing essays to speed up the readability score by streamlining the information flow.

  1. Include a conclusion

Make the reader aware of the essay’s goal in the conclusion and suggest some advice based on your perspective of the subject.

  1. Proofread

Your tutor may have mentioned proofreading when discussing the tips for writing good essays. Reviewing your essay is essential to help you evaluate if you have adhered to all the requirements.

  1. Revisit the instructions

Finally, recheck the tutor’s instructions and review your paper while ensuring that you follow the recommended structure and referencing style.

Final advice

We hope that this article has helped you learn various ways on how to make an essay better. Feel free to consult our expert team for guidance along your academic journey to overcome any challenges in essay writing.

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